The Materials We Use in All Our Products and Their Properties

1. Beech Tree
The beech tree, which is known as the tree of life in Turkish mythology, is also important in the production of wooden goods. It is also known as 'heavenly tree' and 'cloud tree' among the people. The proven antibacterial properties of beech wood are the most important reason why we prefer it.

2. Birch Tree
Birch, one of the important forest trees of our country, is a yellowish, white tree. With this feature, it provides a bright appearance in our products. Birch wood is easily processed but hard to break. It ensures the longevity of the products. Birch is very suitable for painting and varnishing. It is safe for use by babies and children as the possibility of splinter formation is very low.

3. Tree of Ayous
It is the only tree species of foreign origin that we use in our products. We prefer it because of its suitability, flexibility and durability in carving works. Another feature of Ayous wood is that it can preserve its shape and strength for many years, even if there is no varnish or similar preservative. This enables our products to dominate time in natural conditions.

4. 100% Cotton Fabric
We take care not to contain synthetic components such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, acetate in the fabric-containing parts of our products. We only use 100% cotton fabrics in our products, which we supply directly from the manufacturer and through reliable means.

5. Kraft Paper
As it is known, kraft paper is produced without adding bleaching agent to the cellulose pulp in the classical paper production stage. The absence of bleaching substances known to be harmful to health makes kraft paper natural and makes it suitable for our understanding.

6. Rattan Rope
We use rattan ropes obtained from real tropical trees, not plastic materials found in the market with the name of rattan. Because the rattan threads used are natural and sensitive, they are produced with 100% hand workmanship. This ensures that each product is stylish and unique. Rattan material is natural, healthy and maintains its form for many years when produced correctly.